Our Guarantee

We provide professional service for Luxury goods as below :

- Cleaning 

- Color restoration 

- Repairing

- Water proofing

- Leather Care Product

When we receive your bag, this is how we take care of it:) 

Our guarantees 

Please be ensured that Trista adheres systematic and thoughtful steps in taking care of each items that has been sent to us. However, there are times when goods are damaged due to unexpected accidents. Hereby, we present our Compensation plan as below for your reference :

Yearly depreciation Depreciation rate  
under the age of 12 months 50%
Compensation Price = Current market price x depreciation rate 
Our compensation will not exceed sgd 1,500
from year to two years 40%
from two to three years 30%
from three to four years 20%
from four to five years 15%

TRISTA Handbag Cleaners

Retail Operation Information
FREE Bag or leather goods analysis is available at Trista , please contact us:
Line@ : @eoj7658a
Email Add: tristagroup.singapore@gmail.com