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Q5.Cleaning FAQ
1. What is the procedures of TRISTA once received item?
  Checking item > key in detail > picture record > queue > cleaning process >Shaping> QC > packing > delivery.
2. Is possible my handbag will be Changeling with other handbag after I send for service in TRISTA?
  TRISTA understand the important of customer handbag, therefore, we will take picture of every item when customer send in, and we also remark all the information and filling into our record. This is to avoid argument with customer, we also recommend customer to take photo as own record.  
3. My item is valuable. Collected by courier service is safe for the parcel? Or the parcel will miss?
  We recommend you refer back to [Q3.How do I pack my item for service], for parcel miss case you may refer to for more information.
4. What is the price of cleaning service as standard?
  Size and category are main for quotation, and we also base on; Brand, item year, condition ( for those special dirty or own cleaning before, or repair, it may have additional charges, and our customer service may declare by phone call.
5. Does it broke after cleaning service, what should I do?
  TRISTA professional  technical are train well, their need to follow TRISTA standard procedures (SOP) during cleaning or colour restoration service. The most importantly is our chemical are neutral, it won’t harm item material, customer require to understand the notice of service, we strongly recommend customer read and understand clearly before send in item for service, and question or problem from the notice of service, TRISTA may not accept refund or compensation. 
6. If I not clear with the [notice of service ]statement, what should I do?
  You may go through our cleaning show case, or call us directly to know more clearly information.
7. Can I do partly colour touch up?
  The is a difference between new colour and old colour on the leather, for color toch-up, it may have such new & old colour problem, therefore we not advice to do partly touch up. But it may have exemption case.
8. Can I change to other colour for colour restoration?
Not advice, because if any scratches happened, the base colour will be very obviously different with new colour. But, if customer request to change, we are able to process, and TRISTS may not take responsibility.